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This Privacy Policy is for for the website, www.rashifal-rashibhavishya.in only and does not govern the activities on the other websites owned by Eternity Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Do not use and access sections of this website if you are not in agreement with this Privacy Policy.

In case you want to get in touch with the Guest Astrologer for any personal prediction, you can do so by filling out the Inquiry Form provided in the website. This information is shared with the Guest Astrologer empanelled with us at that time.
The email address you provide can also be used for connecting with you through Social Networking Channels for this website.

Eternity Infocom Pvt. Ltd. does not collect any payment information on this website. We do not charge you for any of the predictions that are present on this website. Any financial or other transactions that happen between you and the Guest Astrologer in response to the inquiry posted by you are independent of Eternity Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Eternity Infocom Pvt. Ltd. has no say in these interactions and these interactions are based on your and the Guest Astrologer's discretion.

We use Google Analytics Tools for tracking visitors to our website.

When you visit this website or the advertisements displayed on this website, we might store information in the form of "Cookies" or similar files on your computer.

Rashifal-Rashibhavishya.in contains links and/or advertisements to other sites where personal information may be collected. The collection and use of your information at those sites will be governed by the privacy policy applicable to them. Eternity Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of those sites.

If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the administrator of this website at:

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