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Leo Rashifal, Rashi Bhavishya 2012

Prediction for the year
Compared to last year, this year is going to be smoother and better for you, although you might face some problems somewhere in the mid of the year. The overall year will be beneficial. Your fate works in your favour when we talk about your professional life, wherein you will achieve an expected lift. Your family, especially your life partner will be extremely helpful and will stand by your side in all even and odd times. Your life-partners luck will also work in your favour and you also, might be blessed with parenthood. You can also receive good news pertaining to your children. If yet not married, you might be the centre enough marriage related discussions during the first half of the year. Indications are that overall this year will be fruitful and beneficial for you in all fields. The year‘s first half will be extremely good. Fate will favour you to the fullest, benefiting you in anything you do. This is the most appropriate time for dealing in fixed assets, vehicles, etc. You will be able to defeat and avenge your enemies if any harm was caused to you by them. If someone has usurped you off your money, you will successfully be able to regain it by putting in a little effort. For people into jobs also, this year will prove beneficial. You could get transfer to a location of your choice at work. You will successfully maintain good relations with your seniors and colleagues. For people into business, the months of May, June and July will be appropriate. This year will be good and benefiting as far as investment is concerned. For students also the year will prove to be favourable. Basically, any exam that you take in the first half of the year will not disappoint you. Students preparing for competitive exams will also excel due to which they will be exposed to good employment opportunities.

Basic Characteristics
Basically you are as fearless as a lion. You are extremely enthusiastic and courageous. You possess an amazing leadership trait. You are a disciplinary by nature. You are often inspired by other people. Your basic nature boasts of cheerfulness and tranquillity but you can be easily angered if aroused. When it comes to reputation and respect, you are least concerned about anything or anyone else in the world. You are helpful and compassionate by nature. You are characterised by round and sparkling eyes. You generally postpone your work and thus carry a reputation of being slothful, which you aren’t.

Lucky Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter

Lucky sun signs: Aries, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Pisces

Lucky Colours: Saffron, Maroon, Chocolate, Yellow, Pink

Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Nos.: 1, 2,5 and 9

Lucky Stones: Coral, Amber

Lucky Rudraksh(UTRASUM BEAD):Single faced, Triple faced and Five faced

Lucky Gods: Lord Sun, Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman

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