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Libra Rashifal, Rashi Bhavishya 2012

Prediction for the Year
This year will be full of ups and downs for you. The year beginning will be favourable but you might get tensed during the second half of the year as you will not achieve any desired success during this time period. You might have some health issues during the mid-year. It is not necessary that if during a month, things turn out favourably, the next month will also be alike. From the beginning, till the month of May, things will be favourable. This will be the best time for businessmen. People having business in partnership will profit. The year will be full of ups and downs for people into jobs. You will have a favourable financial condition in the first half of the year but in the second half your financial condition will be unfavourable. You might also face unwanted transfer at job. Family-wise, the year will be good in the year’s beginning. You will have good relationship with your spouse and parents, who will also be extremely supportive. But in the later half family atmosphere might get affected, although there is no need to worry as things will not be extremely bad. You will be tensed due to your spouse’s ill-health. Your father will be extremely supportive towards you. You will have good relationship with your siblings in the first half of the year, although things can get a little stringed in the later half. Financially, the year’s beginning will be good. There will be monetary gains. Your business will profit. This will also be the perfect time for investments. Avoid investments in the second half of the year. You might have unforeseen gains during the last two months of the year. With your courage, you could also make the impossible possible during this time period. This year will be full of ups and downs for students. The months of May, June and July will not be favourable. Exams falling during this time period will require you to put in extra efforts. Time will also not be favourable for students preparing for competitive exams.

Basic Characteristics
You are composed and just by nature. If you see something unjust happening in front of you, you leave no stones unturned to protest about it, even if that causes you harm. Anything you do, you do it only after putting much thought into it. You easily get bored and give up if you are doing some monotonous work or if you end up working at the same place for a long time period. You love change. You are an admirer of poetry and music. You are an eloquent speaker. You are helping by nature. You make sure that you make a person realize if you have helped them in any way. You do not trust anyone easily. Still, those who are near and dear to you, easily cheat you. You have a soft, tall and healthy body. You always have a desire to be praised about anything you do. You try to attract everyone through your personality.

Lucky Planets:Venus, Mercury, Saturn

Lucky sun signs: Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius, Capricorn

Lucky Colours:Shiny, White, Green, Purple, Crème

Lucky Days: Saturday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Nos.:5, 6 and 8

Lucky Stones:Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Diamond

Lucky Rudraksh (UTRASUM BEAD):Four faced, Six faced and Seven-faced

Lucky Gods: Lord Shiv, Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairav

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