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Sagittarius Rashifal, Rashi Bhavishya 2012

Prediction for the year
This year is fruitful for you; although you might face some problems during mid-year. You will be the centre of appreciation when you perform as per expectations. You will be subject to family support and affection. There are indications that your savings will increase. The first half of the year is good time for dealing in fixed assets; you will surely benefit. Time will be extremely appropriate for you till May. During this time your fate will favour you and you will attain success in whatever you do. Family atmosphere will be cheerful. You will have good relationship with parents. If not married, there will be marriage related discussions involving you at home. You will receive complete support from your life partner.
For people into jobs, this year can be full of ups and downs. The months of May, June and July are not favourable for you. Try to behave politely with everyone during this time.

This year is appropriate for businessmen. All health related problems will vanish; although you might have some mental stress. This year is extremely favourable for students. They will concentrate on studies. They will perform excellently in exams and therefore will be subject to favourable results. Students preparing for competitive exams will also come out with flying colours. Your courage will help you in performing better. You will be respected and appreciated in society. Friends will be extremely cooperative. You self-confidence will lead you towards success.

Basic Characteristics
You are a great believer of God and destiny. Your ambitious nature leads you towards success. You heart is clean and lucid but you find it difficult to forgive your enemies. You can easily attract anyone towards you. You get easily depressed and lose confidence if you do not succeed. With time and experience you tend to regain success. Whenever you face failure, it is majorly because of you anger. You place you self-respect above anything else and are extremely liberal by nature. You love travelling. You are extremely devotional and indulge in charity as you are compassionate and kind-hearted. Sometimes, you face losses due to your over-confidence. You often end up your relationships on bad notes as you don’t easily forgive people.

Lucky Planets: Sun, Jupiter, Mars

Lucky sun signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Lucky Colours: Yellow, Crème, Chocolate, Yellow, Pink, Saffron

Lucky Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Nos.: 1,2,3 and 9

Lucky Stones: Coral, Amber

Lucky Rudraksh(UTRASUM BEAD): Single faced, Triple faced and five faced

Lucky Gods: Lord Shiva, Lord Sun, Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman

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